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Estate Planning



Estate planning

Estate planning requires collaboration between your lawyer, accountant and financial adviser. Shameela Chinoy can work with you and your advisers to create the plan most suitable for your estate.

Estate planning services include the following:

  • Will Drafting

  • Power of Attorney for Property

  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care

  • Review of assets and beneficiaries

  • Succession of Family Business

  • Estate Freeze

  • Inter-vivos Trusts

  • Testamentary Trusts

  • Henson Trusts

  • Charitable Bequests

  • Appointment of Trustees

A Will and Power of Attorney for Care are important for the management of your financial and legal affairs.  

If you die without a valid will, Ontario law will determine what happens to your property.  This is called intestate succession. Your property will be distributed to your spouse and children or, if you do not have a spouse or child, to other living relatives according to Ontario’s intestate succession laws.  If there are no relatives to inherit your property, your estate will go to the government. 

If you have minor children and die without a will, a court will determine who will care for your children and their property if their other parent is unavailable or found to be unfit to do so. A carefully planned and prepared Will protects the assets in your estate from unnecessary taxation  limits potential probate fees payable and ensures your estate passes only to those whom you choose as beneficiaries.    

A Power of Attorney for Personal Care is the document that allows one or more persons you trust to make medical decisions on your behalf in circumstances where you may be unable to provide informed medical consent.

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